Cineca is a non-profit Interuniversity Consortium founded in 1969 to allow the university world to have powerful computers for scientific computing.

The four universities that gave it life, together with MIUR (Ministry of Education, University and Research), were joined by numerous partners, for a total of ninety-eight members, including two ministries, sixty-nine universities and twenty-seven public institutions national – ten research institutions, five university hospitals, ten AFAM (Higher Education in Art, Music and Dance) institutions.

Immediately after the installation of the first supercomputer, CINECA set itself the institutional goal of developing management and administrative systems for universities and sharing its skills with Public Administration, businesses and services.

It is thanks to this commitment that CINECA has become a point of reference not only for the university system, but also for the Public Administration, businesses and services.

Within the project CINECA will make its experience, expertise and computing center available to the various partners who collaborate and will collaborate in the EuroCC project.

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