Quantum Computing for Industries

Date: 8 to 10 February 2022
Hours: 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.
Location: Milan
Organiser: NCC Italy (Cineca)

Typology: Curiosity and interest

Quantum Computing (QC) represents a fundamentally new approach to computation and data processing, based on the principles of quantum mechanics, which will allow us to tackle and solve classes of problems that are precluded even to the most powerful supercomputers.

In fact, QC distorts classical computer science by replacing the basic logical unit of the computer, the bit, with a new basic logical unit, the qubit, capable of manifesting quantum behaviors.

Thanks also to the huge investments both public and private, in recent years we have seen great steps forward in QC, not only in terms of hardware and software but also from an algorithmic point of view.

Some of the main areas that will benefit first from the use of a quantum computer will be:

  •     Artificial Intelligence and Machine learning
  •     Process optimization
  •     Chemical simulation

With this course we intend to convey to companies a general, but complete, framework on QC and its potential, so that participants can learn the basics of this revolutionary discipline and possess the appropriate tools to understand how QC can transform industrial processes in various sectors. .


  •     Basic knowledge of computer science.
  •     Knowledge of a programming language
  •     Interest in the use of HPC technologies

Outgoing skills

  •     Knowledge of the main HPC technologies and of the EU supercomputing panorama
  •     Knowledge of the steps for the set-up and management of the HPC infrastructure


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