The Italian Competence Center offers companies a multi-level series of courses to help them stay abreast of rapidly evolving industrial processes and services and address the growing need for highly specialized training that companies of all sizes face on a daily basis.

Objectives of the training program are:

  • Increase knowledge in industry on enabling technologies to create opportunities for research and innovation;
  • Provide high-tech expertise to companies and public administration for the development of new products and services;
  • Lead those involved in the training program to independently support projects innovation through the use of internal resources

To achieve these goals, the Competence Center has initiated a training program geographically distributed throughout the country with the aim of reaching a large number of companies and territorial entities, while also involving scientific and academic entities. It is also proposed to organize B2B events to enable industries to interact with territorial and national entities engaged in the transfer of technologies based on HPC, HPDA and AI methodologies.

Training opportunities for Businesses and Public Administration


Introductory training level with the intent to create awareness about HPC and the opportunities of supercomputing to increase business, optimize production processes, and “test before invest


Entry-level training aimed at raising awareness of the use of HPC technologies in the enterprise. These courses are conducted in collaboration with other training providers, including within existing training tracks.


Advanced training aimed at the transfer of skills in the application of HPC/HPDA/AI technologies on specific business processes and products, carried out in collaboration with the companies that will be the protagonists.

Opportunities for young graduate and doctoral students


A 6-month internship program dedicated to young individuals, offering them the opportunity to develop professional skills in the field of HPC, Big Data, and AI technologies by working on projects developed within the Competence Centre.

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