Training Course “High Performance Computing in Industry”


High Performance Computing (HPC), or Supercomputing, is essential for the world of scientific research and for industries that aim to be at the forefront and competitive in the digital world. HPC is entering many industrial sectors to support product innovation processes, service digitalization, and production control. Through the use of supercomputing, it is possible to:

  • Speed up design and prototyping processes by creating a virtual working environment that exploits the parallelization of computational load on high-performance hardware
  • Analyze large amounts of data from the entire value chain
  • Execute complex artificial intelligence algorithms to automate decision-making processes


The course aims to provide companies with a comprehensive overview of HPC technologies, their applications, and their impact on the production process. By the end of the course, participants will not only have a general idea of the modus operandi but will also be able to identify the HPC and data analytics needs of their company in order to define an investment strategy that may involve applications, software development and AI methodologies, or even the installation of new hardware.


  1. Introduction to supercomputing
  2. Utilization of supercomputing in companies: ROI, success stories, and sources of financing
  3. Simulation in an HPC environment
  4. HPC for AI
  5. HPC for Big Data


  • Carolina Berucci
  • Eric Pascolo
  • Domitilla Brandoni

Information and Accessibility

The course will be held in person (duration: 8 hours). The dates are being finalized soon.

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