Castiel & EuroCC: strategic projects of the European HPC Joint Undertaking

EuroCC, together with Castiel is part of the strategic projects of the EuroHPC Joint Undertaking to build a European network of National Competence Centers for HPC that can promote and facilitate access to high performance computing technologies at the national industrial fabric. EuroHPC Join Undertaking is a joint initiative between the European Union, European nations and private partners to develop a globally relevant European supercomputing ecosystem.

Castiel’s role

CASTIEL was established to provide coordination and support among the various trans-European activities of the national competence centers (NCCs) addressed through the EuroCC project, especially in HPC-related areas. CASTIEL emphasizes training, industrial interaction and cooperation, business development, and awareness of HPC-related technologies and skills. Seen as a Hub for information exchange and training activities, CASTIEL promotes networking among NCCs and strengthens the exchange of ideas by developing various best
practices to follow.

Identification of synergies, challenges and possible solutions is implemented through close cooperation of NCCs at the European level.

The relationship between Castiel and EuroCC

CASTIEL, seen as the coordination and support action, closely associated with EuroCC, combines into a pan-European network, namely the National Competence Centers (NCCs) formed within EuroCC. The aggregation of HPC, HPDA and AI expertise demonstrates the global competitiveness of EU partners. The two activities are the beginning of a strategic positioning aimed at creating a unique European HPC competence and will contribute to the global independence of the mentioned technologies throughout Europe.