High-Performance Computing (HPC) in Industry: Adding Value to Production with HPC, AI, and Big Data – Modena, 19th June 2024

Supercomputing in Industry: The Course for Companies Looking to Stay Competitive in the Digital World

Modena, 19th June, from 9AM to 4PM
At Confindustria Emilia, via Bellinzona 27/a, Modena

Free course

High-Performance Computing (HPC) is essential for the world of scientific research and for industries striving to be at the forefront and competitive in the digital world. The free course aims to provide a comprehensive overview of HPC technologies, their applications, and their impact on the production process.

The course, taking place on June 19 in Modena from 9:00 am to 4:00 pm at the Confindustria Emilia headquarters at via Bellinzona 27/a, aims to not only give participants a general idea of the modus operandi but also empower them to identify the HPC and data analytics needs of their company to define an investment strategy that may involve applications, software development, AI methodologies, or even the installation of new hardware.

Course Content:

  • Introduction to supercomputing
  • Using supercomputing in business
  • Simulation in an HPC environment
  • AI and HPC
  • Simulation for design

Course Audience:

  • Entrepreneurs
  • R&D, IT, OT PM Managers


  • Basic knowledge of computer science
  • Interest in using HPC technologies

Expected Skills:

  • Understanding of key HPC technologies and the EU supercomputing landscape
  • Knowledge of how to prepare and use application software on a supercomputer
  • Ability to identify potential optimizations to business processes through simulation
  • Knowledge of techniques for managing and processing large amounts of Big Data through Machine Learning and AI


09:00 am – Start of the session

  • The role of supercomputing in digitalization
  • Approaching HPC technology in business: selection, management, and costs
  • HPC and the test before investment paradigm for safe, low-risk investments

11:00 am – Introduction to AI

  • The need for Supercomputing in AI model training
  • Examples of industrial innovation projects with AI techniques

01:00 pm – Lunch Break

  • 02:00 pm – Introduction to Simulation
  • Virtual prototyping
  • Examples of industrial innovation projects with simulation techniques

04:00 pm – End of session


Holds a Bachelor’s degree with honors in Nuclear Energy Engineering from the University of Bologna. Expert in numerical methods and sparse linear algebra solvers for CFD, FSI, and two-phase flows.

Holds a Master’s degree in Mathematics from the University of Bologna. Currently working as an HPC Technology Specialist at CINECA, focusing on developing AI applications that require supercomputing resources.

Holds a Master’s degree in High-Performance Computing from SISSA, Trieste. Currently serving as an HPC solution architect and project manager at CINECA, specializing in technology transfer and innovation for industries, particularly SMEs.