The Useful Digitalization: Data-Valley for SMEs”: an in-depth meeting for the development, growth, and future of companies

EuroCC Italy invites representatives of companies in the Emilia-Romagna and Italian manufacturing sectors to participate in the upcoming “Useful Digitalization” event, a series of in-depth meetings on the potential of supercomputing technologies organized by Camera di Commercio di Bologna, MISTER Smart Innovation and Sis.Ter srl.

The goal of the event, titled “Data Valley for SMEs”, is to discuss, inform, and raise awareness among industrial and manufacturing companies about the numerous growth opportunities offered by Big Data, High Performance Computing and Artificial Intelligence technologies. In other words, the potential of the Italian Data Valley system and its impacts on the entire Emilia-Romagna and Italian production and economic chain will be illustrated with a practical approach. Participating companies will be able to simulate precise strategies for implementing supercomputing technologies into their business to better understand their positive impact on consolidation, growth, and development.

The event, which is being held thanks to the collaboration of Bi-Rex and Cineca, as well as EuroCC Italy, is scheduled for Wednesday, May 31th at the headquarters of Sis.Ter Srl in Imola (via Emilia, 69) and will feature the participation of Alessandro Seravalli, President of Sis.Ter Srl; Eric Pascolo, HPC Cineca and Project leader of EuroCC Italy; Valentina Matrà, Program Manager of Consulting and Training Services at Bi-Rex.

Registration and further information are available at this link.