The First pieces of the Leonardo Supercomputer arrived in Bologna

The first pieces of the Leonardo supercomputer arrived in Bologna!

At the Bologna Technopole, work has begun on assembling the Leonardo supercomputer, machine co-financed by the EuroHPC Joint Undertaking and MUR, which will be one of the resources of the National Supercomputing Center financed by the PNRR.

The commissioning of the supercomputer is scheduled for the end of the summer, thanks to the assembly work entrusted to Atos Italia.

In the near future, the implementation of training, research, technology transfer and support for entrepreneurship projects in the fields of Artificial Intelligence, High Performance and Quantum Computing, CyberSecurity will be possible thanks to the broad computational strength of the new data center of the Bologna Technopole.

The data center will be able to perform 250 million billion operations per second, guaranteeing 20% ​​of all European computational capacity.

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