“High Performance Computing as an Enabling Platform for Artificial Intelligence”: the event organized by the National Center ICSC Observatory

On June 18, 2024, at 2:00 PM, the third event of the “Observatory on the Trends and Applications of High Performance Computing” will take place in Turin. This project, promoted by the National Research Center in High Performance Computing, Big Data, and Quantum Computing, aims to map and report on innovations related to high-performance computing, with a particular focus on SMEs, Public Administration, and Communities.

The event, organized by IFAB – International Foundation Big Data & Artificial Intelligence for Human Development and sponsored by EuroCC Italy and the University of Turin, will discuss the state of the art in artificial intelligence technologies, how high-performance computing impacts their development, and how to harness them for research and business.

The event will be held at the Aldo Moro Auditorium, Via Giuseppe Verdi, Turin, and will also be available via live streaming.

Participation is free upon registration at this link


2:00 PM
Welcome and participant registration

2:30 PM
Institutional greetings
Dr. Matteo Mascagni – Policy Officer DG CONNECT – “High Performance Computing & Quantum Technologies” Unit at Europe

2:40 PM
Presentation of the ICSC Foundation and the Observatory on the Trends and Applications of High Performance Computing

3:00 PM
Keynote speech
Prof. Francesco Profumo – Full Professor, Polytechnic University of Turin

3:30 PM
From the Italian scenario on High Performance Computing to the impact of Artificial Intelligence on the territory
Roundtable discussion on strategic models and intervention scenarios in the territory on High Performance Computing and enabling platforms

Participants include:
Prof. Stefano Corgnati – Rector, Polytechnic University of Turin
Prof. Cristina Prandi – Vice-Rector, University of Turin
Prof. Francesco Ubertini – Vice President of the ICSC Foundation and President of CINECA

4:20 PM
Software and Integration Lab: the National Research Center in High Performance Computing in Turin
Prof. Marco Aldinucci – Full Professor, University of Turin

4:30 PM
Space and Health: How data and High Performance Computing can support research and innovation strategy?
Roundtable discussion on technology transfer in the fields of Space and Health

Participants include:

Dr. Paolo Bajardi – General Manager, CENTAI
Prof. Ciro Cattuto – Scientific Director, ISI Foundation
Prof. Andrea Cavalli – Head of “Computational Science” Group, Italian Institute of Technology, Leader Spoke 8 ICSC
Dr. Carlo Cavazzoni – Coordinator of the Industrial Board ICSC
Prof. Marco Mezzalama – Full Professor, Polytechnic University of Turin

5:30 PM
Conclusions and acknowledgments