EuroCC Italy presents the webinar “High Performance Computing in industry”

It is scheduled on Tuesday, May 23th “Supercalcolo nell’industria””, the webinar organized by EuroCC Italy with the aim of providing a preview and present the related in-depth course that will focus on the opportunities made available by HPC (High Performance Computing, or supercomputing) against Italian companies, the industrial, manufacturing and manufacturing sectors.

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High Performance Computing (HPC) respresents an indispensable tool for the world of scientific research and for industries that want to be at the forefront and competitive in the digital world: a technology that is already central for the development and competitiveness strategies of industrial sectors, able to support processes of product innovation, digitalization of services and production control.

Through HPC is it possible:

  • to speed up design and prototyping processes by creating a virtual working environment that exploits the parallelization of computational load on high-performance hardware
  • to analyze large moles of data from the entire value chain
  • to run complex artificial intelligence algorithms to automate decision making

Why sign up?

The webinar aims to provide companies with a comprehensive overview of HPC technologies, their applications and their impact in the production process and, at the same time, to present in detail the 8-hour training course. They will also provide detailed information on the date of the course and how to register.

HPC is a fundamental theme for the innovation and development strategies of our country: at the end of the course, participants will not only have acquired the basic knowledge about the opportunities provided by supercomputing technologies, but will also be able to identify the HPC and data analytics needs of a company, in order to then define investment strategies for the development and growth of its business, starting from applications, software development, artificial intelligence methodologies and hardware equipment.

When does the webinar take place?

The online appointment will be held Tuesday, May 23th from 5pm to 18.00pm. The meeting will address the following topics:

  1. Introduction to super alcohol
  2. Presentation of the course
  3. HPC: Business Opportunities and Benefits


Two professionals from the EuroCC Italy network will lead the webinar:

  • Domitilla Brandoni, HPC Data engineer @ Cineca
  • Carolina Berucci, Head of Cloud Computing Eco-System Projects Cloud Computing – Chief Technology and Innovation Office @ Leonardo


Participation in the webinar is free, upon registration via the online form at this link.
The day before the online event, subscribers will receive the link to access the streaming.

In-depth materials

Watch the full video of the in-depth webinar and download the presentation materials related to Bi-Rex, Cineca and Leonardo.