HPC in industry: adding value to production with HPC, AI, and Big DataHPC in industry

High Performance Computing in Industry: Enroll in the Course on HPC, AI, and Big Data

High Performance Computing (HPC), also known as supercomputing, is now an essential tool for any business aiming to keep up with technological innovation processes: it has already made its way into many industrial sectors, opening up new opportunities for growth and competitiveness.

And it is precisely to supercomputing that EuroCC Italy – the Italian Competence Center for HPC, Artificial Intelligence, and Big Data – dedicates a free course aimed at the industrial world, inviting representatives from companies to engage in an in-depth exploration that will help design paths of innovation and growth within their production processes.The course will take place in person in Bologna on October 5th. Among the instructors are some of the professionals belonging to the EuroCC Italy network.
Here are all the details.


High Performance Computing (HPC) is essential for the world of scientific research and for industries aiming to be cutting-edge and competitive in the digital world. HPC is entering many industrial sectors to support product innovation processes, service digitization, and production control. Through the use of supercomputing, it is possible to: 

  • Speed up designing and prototyping processes by creating a virtual working environment, that leverages the parallelization of computational tasks on high-performance hardware; 
  • Analyze large amounts of data from the entire value chain; 
  • Execute complex artificial intelligence algorithms to automate decision-making processes. 

The course aims to provide companies with an overview of HPC technologies, their applications, and their impact on the production process.  

By the end of the course, participants will not only have a general idea of how these technologies work, but will also be able to identify the HPC and data analytics needs of their company. This will enable them to define an investment strategy that could involve applications, software development, AI methodologies, or even the installation of new hardware.


  • Introduction to supercomputing 
  • Using supercomputing in business 
  • Impact on IT and OT 
  • AI and HPC 
  • Simulation for design 


  • Entrepreneurs 
  • R&D, IT, OT Managers 
  • Project Managers 




(Required skills for participants) 

  • Basic computer knowledge 
  • Interest in using HPC technologies 


  • Understanding of key HPC technologies and learning about the EU supercomputing landscape 
  • Knowledge of how to prepare and use application software on a supercomputer 
  • Ability to identify potential process optimizations in business through simulation 
  • Understanding of techniques for managing and processing large amounts of Big Data with machine learning and AI 


Simone Bnà – CINECA 
Graduated with honors in nuclear energy engineering from the University of Bologna in 2010. He obtained his PhD from the Department of Energy, Nuclear, and Environmental Control Engineering of the same university in 2014. He is an expert in numerical methods and sparse linear algebra solvers for CFD, FSI, and two-phase flows. At CINECA, he works as a service coordinator, from modeling to scientific visualization, mainly using open-source tools like OpenFOAM, in European research and industrial projects. 

Domitilla Brandoni – CINECA 
She earned a PhD in mathematics with a thesis on tensor and matrix decompositions for image classification. She is currently working in the HPC Department of CINECA, focusing on the use of HPC technologies in artificial intelligence projects. 

Eric Pascolo – CINECA 
He completed his Master’s in High Performance Computing at SISSA in Trieste. Subsequently, he worked as an HPC researcher at OGS in the field of predictive oceanography. Currently at CINECA, he holds the position of HPC solution architect and project manager in the field of technology transfer and innovation to industries, particularly SMEs. 

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The course is scheduled for Thursday, October 5th, 2023, in Bologna at BI-REX (Via Paolo Nanni Costa 20).
If you prefer to attend the event online, fill in the dedicated form to receive the link.
Here below the schedule for the day.

10:00The Role of High-Performance Computing in Digitalization 
Approaching HPC Technology in Business: Selection, Management, and Costs 
HPC and the Test Before Investment Paradigm for Safe and Low-Risk Investment 
13:00Lunch Break 
14:00Introduction to Artificial Intelligence 
The Need for HPC in AI Model Training 
Examples of Industrial Innovation Projects using AI Techniques 
15:30Introduction to Simulation  
Virtual Prototyping 
Examples of Industrial Innovation Projects using Simulation Techniques 
17:00Conclusion of the Workshop 


Participation in the course is free, upon registration through the online form at the button below:

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