Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning: Enroll in the Free Course for Businesses and Public Administration

To actively contribute to the technological growth and development strategies of the country, EuroCC Italy is offering a new, free training course geared toward representatives of businesses, enterprises, and Public Administration. This course focuses on topics related to Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML).

With these two powerful technological tools, it’s possible to drive significant innovations across various work environments—from industrial sectors to service delivery for individuals. To this end, EuroCC Italy is reaching out to businesses, governmental bodies, and public organizations to invite them to delve deeper into the expansive growth and innovation opportunities available.

Further Information Below:

Dates and Location

The course will take place on November 20th and 21st in Bologna, at the MUG premises (Via Emilia Levante, 9/F).

Intended Audience

This course is designed for professionals in relevant areas of expertise who have a technical-scientific background and are interested in experimenting with advanced Machine Learning techniques. Basic knowledge of Python and the Linux environment are prerequisites for enrollment.

Course Outline

The course is divided into two distinct modules:

    • Module 1, scheduled for November 20th, will introduce key concepts related to supervised and unsupervised machine learning, as well as the implementation of described models using Python.
    • Module 2, scheduled for the following day, aims to provide foundational knowledge in the High Performance Computing (HPC) field, featuring hands-on experimentation with supercomputers and a specific focus on various successful use-cases.

Skills Acquired

Upon completing the two-day course, participants will have gained three distinct competencies:

  1. Familiarity with key data pre-processing techniques
  2. Understanding of major Machine Learning algorithms for data analysis and extraction
  3. The ability to implement a Machine Learning model in an HPC environment


The teaching panel consists of three key figures from Italy’s innovation network in High Performance Computing:

    • Antonio Candido, Bi-Rex
    • Domitilla Brandoni, Cineca
    • Eleonora Bergamaschi, Cineca
  • Eric Pascolo, Cineca


Enrollment in the course is free and requires the completion of a specific form available at this link.

Download the course material

Click here to download the in-depth material of the course.